TIMAC Agro Estonia

TIMAC Agro Estonia Ltd was founded by Roullier Group in 2010.

Our team consists of 11 wonderful and hard working people! 7 agrotechnical consultants work daily on the fields all over Estonia. Their  main objective is to establish long-term relationships with farmers. Financial- and admistrative specialists together with sales director work from Tallinn office to support the work of consultants and ensure smooth delivery of products.

In today's world with rapidly growing population and great demands for food, we create and share innovative solutions for fertilization of plants, human food, animal nutrition and hygiene. Our products are based on the experience of 350 engineers.

Roullier Group, founded in 1959, is an international company operating in 38 countries with 2 billion euro turnover. The Group is an outstanding success story of human and industrial adventure that brings together more than 6,300 employees, whose driving force is the internal need to take on new challenges.

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